Established in 2021, the R.A.W. Reign And Win Advocate Program develops and endorses brand ambassadors who share the passion for Pickleball, commitment to the community, and dedication to the growth of the sport.

R.A.W. Advocates are community influencers, such as Pickleball teachers, USAP ambassadors, retailers, social media influencers, and advanced 4.5+ players, who serve as enthusiastic ambassadors and trusted Pickleball resources for their local communities. They devote their time and energy to teach Pickleball, demonstrate new paddle technology, provide feedback and product reviews, assist at Pickleball events, help players choose equipment, and champion R.A.W. Growth Program partnerships. R.A.W. Advocates represent the larger Reign And Win mission of fueling the Pickleball obsession found inside every player, and play an active and important role in the future of Pickleball.

  • Get early access to the latest gear and paddles to demonstrate the latest tech to your Pickleball community.
  • Earn store credit (and even cash) by referring customers to purchase on
  • Become an expert in fitting customers with their perfect paddle. Understanding the latest technology, R.A.W. paddles, customizations, and gear.
  • Partner with our growth program to help R.A.W. donate free paddles to schools, non-profits, and first responders.
  • Share your knowledge and experience. Leave reviews of paddles for store credit and provide R.A.W. feedback on new initiatives and products.
  • Receive a 30% discount on apparel and gear.
  • Ability to apply to the R.A.W. Team.
  • Opportunity to get spotlighted and featured on the R.A.W. website and social media.
  • To take part in this fantastic opportunity email us at